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‘Let’s Fly Away’ With Anjalts

Music is freedom and escape. When life creates problems, music is often the answer to help both the listener and the artist find something to hold on to and thrive with. We can all agree that we are in a strange and difficult time in our world right now. Fortunately, new discovery Anjalts has used

Electrockrat Gives us A ‘Place To Go’

With the progression of modern music, genre specifications have become less and less important. Now the best artists borrow pieces from multiple styles to create a new sound that is truly thier own. A great example of this is our recent discovery Electrockrat. The project based in Tel Aviv, Israel is the brainchild of singer/songwriter

OATS Shows Chill and Ambient Side on “I’ll Wait'”

The origins of OATS music is particularly unique, as all the songs have been written and produced “off the grid”, using a self-sufficient sun-powered studio, affectionately nicknamed “Hippo.” The band’s independent approach and inventive studio set up also highlights their broad compositional scope. OATS’ music has a lush, atmospheric and direct tone, which tips the