Electrockrat Gives us A ‘Place To Go’


With the progression of modern music, genre specifications have become less and less important. Now the best artists borrow pieces from multiple styles to create a new sound that is truly thier own. A great example of this is our recent discovery Electrockrat.

The project based in Tel Aviv, Israel is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Omer Goren. He draws from a multitude of influences including indie, electronica, space rock, alternative, chill, and psychedelic to form the cohesive Electrockrat sound. In Omer’s words “My aspiration in my musical creation is for the listeners to experience a multi dimensional journey of harmony, melody, and rhythm that will take them to a different world.”

Real life experiences such as being a veteran of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and a 9 month trip through India and Southeast Asia only furthered the exotic influences that Electrockrat could infuse into his unique sound.

Last month, Electrockrat released his latest offering “Place To Go”. It is a full journey into the mind altering vibe the project has become known for. Elegant layers of sound seem to relax our minds as the beauty of the melodies ease our souls. This is a full body musical experience. The droning vocals require close listening as the energy soars into the abyss of space. The cushion of sound is there to catch us on our descent back to earthly reality. 

Dive deeper into the world of Electrockrat on his WEBSITE.

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