N2BLÜ Whips Up A ‘Hurricane’


Staying in front of your fans is more important than ever in the current music industry. We have been preaching for a while now to make sure you keep a constant stream of content coming out. Release new songs, share new photos, tell stories. Our friends from N2BLÜ have taken this advice and are back with another banger for us to share.

The musical duo out of New Orleans has already given us ‘Neon Gold” and “Match My Crazy” to get the N2BLÜ ball rolling but there seems to be no slowing them down. Jonathan and Konstantin got right back into the studio while the fire was burning hot. The latest result is the emotional club hit “Hurricane”. The beat will get your ass moving and head bopping along. There is no denying the energy.

They shared the story behind the song with us. “Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew wasn’t going to work out, but you just keep trying to fix it? That’s what Hurricane is about. It’s about trying to save a relationship that can’t be saved. No matter what you do, the “storm” keeps building and you keep ignoring the signs, hoping that you can somehow fix it. Finally, you find yourself right in the middle of the storm and all you can do is go through it and hope for the best, like the ending of a relationship.”

N2BLÜ never shies away from difficult subjects. This is what makes thier music attractive to both the dance crowd and the lyric lovers. There is a lot to take in hear so feel free to give the track a bunch of listens.

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