N2BLÜ Want You To ‘Match My Crazy’


With the short attention span model of the human mind now it is very important to keep putting out content to stay in the minds of your fans. ‘One hit wonder’ phenomenon has become even more common today. Even when first starting out, you need to have a plan to keep sharing new music consistently. Our friends from N2BLÜ seem to get this. They are back with another energy fueled song to share. 

The New Orleans based duo came together quickly after meeting and discovered they needed to create music together. Combining the songwriting ability of Jonathan Arceneaux with the electronic beat-making prowess of Konstantin Smorodnikov has built something better than its parts. This is N2BLÜ. We featured their debut ‘Neon Gold’ a few months ago. They have been rolling ever since. 

N2BLÜ has made a quick turnaround and recently released thier follow up ‘Match My Crazy’. The spitfire lyrics grab the listener immediately to take them on a ride. There is a fun vibe through the song as it tackles a sometimes difficult subject.

Jonathan tells us “This song is about finding the person/people who “match your kind of crazy”. We all have our issues when it comes to love and relationships and finding the person who gets you can be one of the biggest challenges. ‘Match My Crazy’ is about my struggle with love and relationships, but hopefully also a way to help end the stigma against mental health.

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