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“Spirit of the Trees” by Christian Parker

There’s a lot of patience in the guitar-born harmonies of the new single “Spirit of the Trees” by Christian Parker, but not for one second does it sound like our leading man is dragging through this song with zero interest in the urgency within the lyrics. Rather than following suit with his singer/songwriter contemporaries, Parker

Christian Parker Releases “Dream Catcher”

Smoky and melodically appealing from multiple angles, there’s no debating whether or not the lead vocal Christian Parker gives up in the song “Dream Catcher” is his new single’s very best feature. He’s got a raw talent in this track that you don’t have to be a professional critic to appreciate, but for those of

“Diamond Sailor” by Christian Parker

Taking the best parts of what makes your influences your heroes is the standard move in pop music, regardless of subgenre or scene, but I think that Christian Parker is looking to achieve something just a bit more tributary in his new single “Diamond Sailor” this July. Where a lot of his contemporaries would set