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Emish Keeps The Christmas Season ‘Everlasting’

Still a more than worthwhile listen despite the passing of the Christmas season, ‘Everlasting’ by Emish is a twelve song collection. It revolving around Yuletide-themed covers delivered in Emish’s singular style.   Hailing from New York State’s Hudson Valley area may seem to make them a rather improbable vehicle for folk-influence Celtic rock, but the five

Frank Shiner Lends His Voice For the Holidays

From Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, – Frank Shiner is a man of many means which have taken him through everything from law studies to acting in over sixty play and television productions. His latest album is entitled; Lonely Town, Lonely Street – an album of great covers he does justice to in his own right, which has

Don Hughes Here To Rescue Christmas Music

It is getting to that time of year again when Christmas music takes over all the sonic space from shopping malls to car radios.  I think we can all appreciate the holiday sounds for a little while but when all we get to hear is the same old tired versions of the same old songs