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Bear’s Den And Paul Frith Collaborate On Two Stunning Singles

Bear’s Den and Paul Frith have debuted a beautifully reimagined version of “When You Break.” Additionally, they revealed an all new song “Firework’s Flashing.” With Bear Den’s signature lyrical genius, complimented by Frith’s arrangement, “When You Break” floats on string melodies. “Fireworks Flashing” comes in more uptempo, before transforming into a tranquil soft piano piece.

Kathleen and John-Robert Collaborate on Adeline

Singer, song-writer Kathleen has released a collaboration with John-Robert titled Adeline, a dreamy, at times crushing narrative about relationships and real life. With visuals of John-Robert drowning in a pool, gazing up at Kathleen as they each sing about unrequited love. “When John-Robert and Ricky asked me to be a part of the song, I

Wolf and Gilbert Team Up For ‘Froduslent’

Finding other musicians to collaborate with has become so much easier in today’s modern times. Amazing pairings of artists have come together from opposite sides of the globe to create amazing music. Many without ever being in the same room. Our latest collaboration discovery is from Stephen Gilbert and Guilherme Wolf with their new track