Bear’s Den And Paul Frith Collaborate On Two Stunning Singles

Bear’s Den and Paul Frith have debuted a beautifully reimagined version of “When You Break.” Additionally, they revealed an all new song “Firework’s Flashing.” With Bear Den’s signature lyrical genius, complimented by Frith’s arrangement, “When You Break” floats on string melodies. “Fireworks Flashing” comes in more uptempo, before transforming into a tranquil soft piano piece.

These songs come ahead of the groups’ collaborative forthcoming album “Fragments” out September 18th. This album works to bring together pop and contemporary classical, and help people to connect in a deeper sense with the music. Davie of Bear’s Den said the album “was the idea of both Kev and I letting go and entrusting Paul to break our songs into pieces and build them up anew, focusing on different aspects to them, finding ideas perhaps overlooked before and by writing whole new orchestral arrangements around those fragments of ideas.”

The idea for Fragments was born out of what was supposed to be a one time show performed in 2018. However, it was so popular the group had to add two more dates to meet demand. The show saw Frith rework some of Bear Den’s most popular songs with string ensembles and a classical pianist. It was seen in London, Germany, and the Netherlands.

“To me, this project is about accepting your own fragility and accepting those cracks in order to find new ways to move forward and rebuild.”

~Bear’s Den

When You Break

Bear’s Den has always been known for soft, lyrically engaging music. Paul Frith (who has worked with the xx and Radiohead) sonically adds another layer, creating an alluring multidimensional piece. This album gives those who didn’t get the chance to see the live shows the opportunity to experience the magic these musicians can create together. Fans should be on the edge of their seats waiting for this release.

The collaborative album is due to be released on September 18th

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