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Bear’s Den And Paul Frith Collaborate On Two Stunning Singles

Bear’s Den and Paul Frith have debuted a beautifully reimagined version of “When You Break.” Additionally, they revealed an all new song “Firework’s Flashing.” With Bear Den’s signature lyrical genius, complimented by Frith’s arrangement, “When You Break” floats on string melodies. “Fireworks Flashing” comes in more uptempo, before transforming into a tranquil soft piano piece.

Cosmo Sheldrake Proves He is the Coolest with Debut Album

English multi-instrumentalist and composer Cosmo Sheldrake is channeling his childlike whimsy with his new creation The Much Much How How and I. Sheldrake is known for his unusual style, combining orchestration and indie musings. This is his first full length album and he clearly establishes his aesthetic with playful, intricate compositions. Sheldrake’s previous contributions to