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Get Into “Concept Album” by Dwarves  

The Dwarves’ long and often raucous history as one of America’s greatest punk bands really only tells half of the story. Blag Dahlia has led the band through an assortment of incarnations. Without question, there are assorted scandals along the way that have further defined the band as one of the most idiosyncratic units to

The Vrbs Show Us The Dark And Light on New Album

Creating original music should be an experience. Listening to an album should be an experience as well. In our current singles-happy society the art of the album is being lost. There is nothing better than a concept album with a real story. Our new friends from The Vrbs have provided just that with their new

Hollow Water – Taking The Time To Get It RIght

Completing a full-length album is a huge undertaking for any band.  There are so many things that can get in the way.  The biggest key is to keep pushing forward with your goal no matter what situations arise.  Our friends from Hollow Water are a great example of working hard to reach success. The two-piece