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darkDark Releases New Downtempo Single, “Moments”

Beneath the vibrant single cover above lies a hot new single from the production duo darkDark, entitled “Moments.” darkDark consists of Genevieve Vincent and Chris James, who record their downtempo electronica from their studios in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles. “Moments” consists of haunting airy vocals and harmonies from Vincent enveloped by a spacy, ethereal

Max Million – Taking Intelligent Downtempo For A Ride

In the electronic music genre, there is a wide array of innovative sounds coming out every day leading to a wide assortment of sub-genres and styles.  It has been called the electro-revolution of the music industry as artists are able to produce a track themselves and have it shared with the internet community almost immediately.

Silk Drop – Collaboration Creates Full Sonic Tapestry

For a solo artist to advance their skills and musical expression they must be willing and able to collaborate with a multitude of other artists.  This sharing of experiences and talents helps everyone involved.  The more you experiment, the more original you can be.  Sometimes these collaborations can produce amazing music that each artist could