Resin is bringing an industrial revolution to music with “Lie”


Industrial isn’t a typical way you’d think to describe music. Typically we think about manufacturing, the production of goods or even the Industrial Revolution from the 18th century. The LA based downtempo and industrial songwriter and producer Resin wants you to rethink that with her latest track “Lie”.

“Lie” is an interesting track from start to finish that really makes you want to listen intently to everything happening- and that’s a lot on this one.

Let’s start with Resin’s vocals on the track. They’re haunting and captivating from start to finish. The rawness captured in the recording and production make you want to listen to each lyric. Every word bring a unique sense of urgency. Almost as if you couldn’t go on with life until you hear each individual pronunciation word lyric by lyric on the track.

The instrumentation of the track is also captivating. It’s entirety different from anything I’ve heard in my entire life. There’s elements that are clearly produced with computer. There’s a sound of rustling leaves. There’s probably even layers of production that I’ll never be able to make out.

The production of the track, and everything Resin puts out, is entirely done by her. This has to be why “Lie” is so raw and different from anything before it in all of music. The combination of individual sounds that have no correlation could never be replicated by even the best of producers.

Born and raised in Prague, Niko Antonucci (aka Resin) started out as a pianist at the age of six. As a teen she began stealing her father’s guitar and cut her first demo at 15, singing in different bands for several years. At a young age Resin realized to get the sound she wanted, she’d have to do it herself. And so she began producing her own music ever since.

Resin’s music combines sophisticated melodies and sexy vocals set against dark but catchy beats. Fidget represents the evolution of her songwriting and producing capabilities.

Musically, Resin channels topics like spirituality, dark magic, grunge and being an outsider in her lyrics. With inspirations ranging from Nirvana, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Prokofiev and Chelsea Wolfe, it’s easy to hear where Resin’s sound derives from.

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