Kylypso Releases Refreshingly Unique Single: “Blame Love.”


Kylypso is taking the electronic dance world by storm.

“Blame Love,” their newest single, is four minutes and 18 seconds of synth-heavy, electro indie-pop grooviness. The three-piece from London created a warm melody and paired it with an instantly memorable dance-pop rhythm and beat.

Kylypso showcases their talent in the electronic music world straight from the very beginning of the song. Many instruments are portrayed throughout, each adding its own distinct touch. From symbols, to drones, to EDM sounds, they’ve got it all. The group doesn’t overdo it, though. They start out “Blame Love” with a more stripped sound, beginning with subtle woodwinds and adding a steady percussion beat and an electro otherworldly sound. The heart-wrenching vocals begin similar to the instrumental: cool, calm, and collected. As the single progresses, the vocals and instrumentals combine into an immense, chaotic sound, with the idea of losing control just touching the surface.

Kylypso fashioned “Blame Love” into an emotional, but fun roller-coaster.

The dynamics slowly heighten to a hype dance song you would hear in a European club. Just when you get into the dancing groove, “Blame Love” reverts back to the original calm, cool, and collected vocal and instrument pair. Kylypso brings the listener on an emotional roller-coaster: from talking to yelling, calm to frenzied. Once you think you’ve heard it all, a begging, chanting choir chimes in followed by its echo. The phrases “I feel empty,” “What can I do?” and “I was never enough” reoccur throughout. Underneath the catchy background beat and broad mixture of interchanging instruments, the vocals are slightly drowned out, like they’re trying, begging to be heard but nobody is listening to their words.


Without listening to the lyrics, one would believe “Blame Love” to be a song to spend the night having fun and dancing to. Listening to the lyrics may prove otherwise. The beauty of “Blame Love” is that it can provide two types of enjoyment and relatability. With their lyrics, Kylypso caters to those who have struggled, those who have experienced rough relationships, those looking for a heartfelt, lyrically beautiful song. With their instruments, Kylypso caters to the wild and adventurous, the groovy and entertained, the ones who stay out all night drinking gin n’ tonics and throwing their heads back laughing with their closest friends.

Kylypso’s “Blame Love” returns one last time to a serene and calm tone at the end. The juxtaposition of the previous plethora of sounds to minimalism strikes hard. It’s like taking a hot shower at the end of the day and thinking about everything that happened that day. With so much craziness going on in the world, “Blame Love” reminds us to take a refreshingly calm step back and look at the grander picture. The clever and talented group is only going up from here.

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