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Steve Noonan Brings Us To ‘Dreamland’

Becoming a talented musician with a great ear takes a lot of time. Spending time hearing other artists and absorbing their influence is a big art of this. This is why it is important for anyone with a dream of making music to become part of the scene and work with as many artists as

BYSTS Take Us To ‘Dreamland’

Post-punk duo BYSTS showcase their talents in their latest release Dreamland. Dreamland, the duo’s latest EP, is a great testament to their talent. The duo combines the talents of Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow to bring us a unique combination of sounds. The duo’s unmatchable sound is the result of bending the rigid lines which define

JENNIFER MAIDMAN Takes Us To ‘Dreamland’

  British multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Jennifer Maidman has been making music at the highest levels since the mid-1970s. She has worked with a litany of heavy hitters that includes Joan Armatrading, Boy George, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Linda McCartney, Annie Whitehead, Mark Knopfler, The Proclaimers, and George Clinton. She earned gold and platinum records