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ThrillKiller Take Us To San Francisco With Latest Release

ThrillKiller establish their place in the music industry with their latest EP San Francisco Moto. The EP showcases the band’s talent and versatility. Through only five tracks the band manages to blow me away with their unique sound and blend between different genres from rock to pop and all that’s in between. The EP doesn’t have a single boring song worth skipping,

Welshly Arms Lets Go in Latest Release

Welshly Arms reminds us to let go of the past in their single “Learn To Let Go.” The alternative tune holds a deep meaningful message behind it. The band outdid itself with this track. The lyrics, the instrumental, and the strong raw vocals all come together to bring us the band’s best single to date.

BYSTS Take Us To ‘Dreamland’

Post-punk duo BYSTS showcase their talents in their latest release Dreamland. Dreamland, the duo’s latest EP, is a great testament to their talent. The duo combines the talents of Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow to bring us a unique combination of sounds. The duo’s unmatchable sound is the result of bending the rigid lines which define