ThrillKiller Take Us To San Francisco With Latest Release


ThrillKiller establish their place in the music industry with their latest EP San Francisco Moto.

The EP showcases the band’s talent and versatility. Through only five tracks the band manages to blow me away with their unique sound and blend between different genres from rock to pop and all that’s in between.

The EP doesn’t have a single boring song worth skipping, but it has one that stands out like no other and that’s the title track, “San Francisco Moto.” The song is the perfect representation of ThrillKiller and their unique sound.

Visualising Music

One of the most interesting aspects of the EP is the visual presentation of the songs the band creates through their music videos. Through their videos they give their songs a new life. The most prominent off the EP is the second track “King of 1984.” The song was already the highlight of the EP, then they paired it with an equally interesting music video and elevated it to a whole other level.

San Francisco Moto is only the band’s third release, but I am already head over heels in love with the band. Give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

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