Robbie Maroon Brings Back The ‘Dream Factory’

Robbie Maroon

Pop music has made many transformations through the years. The one thing that always remains is a catchy melody that hooks the listener’s ears while diving into new territory and borrowing from the past. Our recent discovery Robbie Maroon mixes it all together to create a pop sound that is truly his.

The singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia was first drawn to the power of music after attending a concert by the legendary Prince. Although only a teenager at the time, Robbie Maroon poured himself into performing and creating music. This passion led to learning many aspects of making music. Robbie writes, arranges, and produces all his own material.  

After releasing his debut album Dream Factory Volume 1 back in 2017, Robbie Maroon is back with the second installment Dream Factory Volume 2 released on January 21, 2019. The 12-track album dives deep into sound and emotion. The emotional pop sound is infused with funk and rock elements as well.

Right from the opening title track “Dream Factory”, Robbie Maroon shows off the wide range of sound he uses to create his own style. The mix fills all of the speakers to give every listener a piece to hold onto.

Through the songs “Complicated” and “Kind Of Grey” we get to feel the emotion of the artist as the music is slowed down a little to let the feelings come through. The funk comes back hard and fast on “Get Up Stand Up” with an undeniable energy that will get your head bopping and feet moving.

Enjoy the music video for ‘Sorry”

The straight rock beat of “My Angel” keeps the energy going as Robbie pours his heart into the vocals. The background vocals add another aspect giving the song some real depth. The record closes with the lead single “Stepping Stone”. Here he brings it all together with a track that shows the passion of a true music lover. There are some fun sonic pieces here keeping your attention throughout the song. Keep up with more from Robbie Maroon HERE.

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