Dr Optimizer Takes Us To The Edge on ‘Borders’

Dr Optimizer

Music is a fluid and always evolving animal. Even within one musician, sound and style will constantly transform in a unique way. Some take it further than others. A prime example of this is our recent discovery Dr Optimizer.

In the mid-1990’s the lure of music first took hold of a young man named Neil Garrett. He was drawn into creating music within a variety of bands as a drummer, guitarist, and keyboard player. Neil was able to soak up tons of influence from the wide array of musicians he played with and built himself into a truly talented student of music.

In a Derby student dwelling in the early 2000’s, Neil Garrett installed a personal computer with some music software built in. He began experimenting with digital composing, processing, sampling with his newfound sonic capabilities. The result was the creation of the alter ego Dr Optimizer. This new project was truly experimental as it ventured between Jazz and Drum & Bass genres mixed with a wide variety of unique sounds.

On March 1st, 2019 Dr Optimizer will release his latest creation Borders to the world. The 12 track album is an instrumental wonder that breaks through into many of the sub-genres of Electronic Dance Music. The opening song “The Theorist” opens the door to a dark and ominous sound welcoming in all who dare to listen.

The lead track “Scratch My Mango” has a funk element that will get your head bopping and body moving quite quickly. Noise seems to come from all angles to fully encapsulate the listener. These layers will each have their chance to tickle your senses.

Dr Optimizer Will Warp Your Mind

The speedy tempo and simple melody that open “Crimea” draws you in even deeper into the world of Dr Optimizer. He has you now, there is no escape. Pair this with the deep reverb of “Socially Mobile” and its exotic bells and hums and accept your sonic fate. “Dementia” is another one that lets you know that your mind is in a newly altered state.

By the time we reach the closer “Memories”, our brains are left slightly exhausted. Dr Optimizer has just the cure with this track. The mellow beautifully picked guitar allows our restless mind to attempt to reach a serene state. He doesn’t let us get off that easy though as some sound waves and warped strings are added to let us know that he is still in control.

This is an album that should be experienced in its entirety. Get yourself ready for the experience on The Dr Optimizer WEBSITE.

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