Todd Warner Moore Lights a Spark with his Latest Release

Todd Warner Moore

Todd Warner Moore brings folk back with his latest album Spark, released October 31. 

Moore Revives a Genre

The musician is putting his own twist on folk to modernize the fading genre and make it his own. He adds aspects of electric indie into the mix to birth a new sound.

Moore is not just a musician, he is a storyteller. Each of his songs reflects more of his incredible writing abilities. He spends his 15-track album making us feel his emotions and taking us on a journey through his stories using his smooth, crisp vocals. 

Throughout the album, Moore makes his low vocals shine bright, dominating the tracks and stealing the attention from his beautifully written lyrics. Personally, I was captivated by the high vocals he let loose in track 10 of the record, “Right Inside This Room.” The song exposed a different side to him and adds a plot twist to the album in the best possible way.

Todd Warner Moore took me back to a simpler time with his music and I can’t wait to hear more from him.

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