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Ethan Gold Warns Of A “Storm Coming”

Weighted by the sizeable glow of the instrumentation, Ethan Gold’s voice in the new single “Storm Coming” has a lot of stress on it, but beneath its nocturnal surface is hope for a new day we must cling to for survival. “Storm Coming” is an environmental anthem that could be interpreted a couple of different

Ethan Gold Is Looking For “Pretty Girls”

Skewing conventionality with experimental themes isn’t exactly a new concept in pop music, but for some reason, Ethan Gold is able to make it feel like an entirely fresh formula for making inspired indie-pop in songs like his new single “Pretty Girls.” Flanked with a passive chamber-pop aesthetic that haunts the harmonies whilst nudging neo-psychedelic

Ethan Gold Stuns With “Our Love Is Beautiful”

Set to a pulsating rhythm that neither pushes us nor drags behind the melodies divvied out by our leading man, the latest single from Ethan Gold, “Our Love is Beautiful,” just might be the greatest testament to his multidimensional songwriting skill so far. Where past efforts from Gold have dabbled in everything from post-punk to