Ethan Gold Stuns With “Our Love Is Beautiful”

Ethan Gold

Set to a pulsating rhythm that neither pushes us nor drags behind the melodies divvied out by our leading man, the latest single from Ethan Gold, “Our Love is Beautiful,” just might be the greatest testament to his multidimensional songwriting skill so far.

Where past efforts from Gold have dabbled in everything from post-punk to noise to avant-garde influences, this latest release is a striking tribute to the simplicity of pop, and in my opinion, it’s the most accessible release this profoundly gifted composer and performer has released in his career. If you weren’t listening to this artist before “Our Love is Beautiful,” I think you will be once you’ve heard its harmonies.

I love the patient demeanor in Gold’s vocal in this track. Nothing ever feels even slightly rushed here, and while there’s an undeniable swing to the rhythm of the percussion as well as the guitar strings it cushions so brilliantly, it doesn’t interrupt the consistency of the verses at all – the exact opposite, actually. The hook in “Our Love is Beautiful” is infectious to no end, but it isn’t the main point of attraction at the onset of the song. Gold’s humble attitude is the icing on this cake, and his delivery is what makes it a stone cold indie hit.

I was only slightly familiar with the complete works of Ethan Gold before getting back into his work with this most recent release, but “Our Love is Beautiful” has definitely made me want to go back through his entire catalogue and explore the depth of his songcraft in its entirety. Gold has a mountain of talent in the studio, and even through the lens of a relatively conventional pop aesthetic, his experimental tendencies shine through and make this music sound like something as revolutionary as it is comforting and familiar.

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