Everybody Wants To Run With The boyband

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The producer boyband is best known for his ability to merge hip hop and pop punk to create a unique emo-rap feel that has grown popular since the days of Pop Goes Punk. Previously affiliated with rap leaders such as Gunna and Young Thug, boyband has released his own project, alone in a boyband, now available on all streaming platforms.

Anything but a 90’s boyband

The project holds ten tracks filled with boyband’s signature style of bass-thumping, “college-quad indie-rock vibes.” At the forefront stands the track “big face” featuring Mike Kinsella of the band American Football. Like his single with Good Charlotte released earlier this year, boyband saw the opportunity to infuse heartfelt punk into his work and took it. The result is a nostalgic look back into the 90’s midwestern emo scene.

“You have to be versatile when producing for others, it’ll take you far.”

Other notable tracks off the project include “hybrid theory” and “therapy,” which use melodic piano and docile guitar chords as a backdrop to unload heavy stories of emotional abuse and drug dependency. Boyband efficiently uses comforting sounds in contrast with painful recollections to recreate the sort of mental turmoil listeners find relatable and worthy of connection.

Master of amalgamation

The Grammy-nominated producer has garnered a long track record of experience. From humble beginnings in Jacksonville, FL to his ever-growing popularity as a producer in LA, boyband has honed his skills of precision and blending to transcend any singular genre. In an article with Secret Fangirls he says, “You have to be versatile when producing for others, it’ll take you far.” This open-minded approach led to his acclaimed influence on Lil Nas X’s Grammy-nominated album 7, as well as his reputation with the production collective Internet Money.

His versatility is nothing new. When asked about his favorite producers in a Reddit AMA, boyband ticked off names including Toro y Moi, Timbaland, Kanye, Clams Casino, WondaGurl, and DeVante Swing. As his first multi-track project, alone in a boyband explores a wide array of catchy hooks and sincere lyrics.

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