UK Rock Band Lakes Doesn’t “Pine” For 2020

6 piece UK rock band Lakes stand together looking solemn

Known to their fans and friends as math rockers and midwestern emo musicians, the six people who make up the band Lakes reveal a new video for their holiday single “Pine Barrens.” The group is a unique addition to the punk rock scene with its frequent use of the twinkling glockenspiel amid traditional bass guitar and melancholic vocals.

Not So Jolly Single

The single “Pine Barrens” originally released in December of last year. It brings deceiving comfort with its acoustic guitar and soothing harmonies. Female vocalist Blue Jenkins croons, “It’s Christmas Eve, we’re at your parents house.” All seems merry and bright. However, as the track wends its way to the chorus, Jenkins defies all thoughts of Christmas cheer, by repeating the lines “I don’t wanna be here.”

Lakes’ single resonates not only with listeners in their hometown of Watford, UK but across the globe. It sums up the feelings of millions worldwide as natural disasters, social and political upheaval, and the deaths of friends, loved ones and familiar faces transpired. To say the last year has been tough is an understatement. The first month of the new year brings a sigh of relief to many, with hope for the future.

Now, the band adds a visual experience to supplement the “Pine Barrens.” The video portrays a series of shots from a wholesome ski trip straight from the 70s. The rosy cheeked skiers and the home video style complement the charming quality of the track. Although you might not know the people in the video, the feeling of kinship and good, old-fashioned fun are unmistakable. Perhaps it was the intention of Lakes to send 2020 off with a hug and the gentle reminder to never, ever return. Here’s to the new year: may it be nothing like the last!

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