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Jeremy Parsons Lets Us Know ‘Things I Need To Say’

The opener for Jeremy Parsons thirteen song album Things I Need to Say, “Makin’ Things Up As I Go”, is an immensely approachable tune with genuine traditional country coupled with a breezy pop song like structure. Parsons has an appealing, youthful voice cut with just enough of that classic “High Lonesome” vocals helping him accentuate

IBG Interview – 11 Questions With… Jeremy Parsons

Jeremy Parsons is one of the hottest young singer-songwriters on the planet, these days.  The music video for his Top 40 IndieWorld and Roots Music Report Americana chart single, “Burn This House Down” received nominations in several prestigious film festival awards, this year.  The video, shot by Three Hat Media, was nominated for Best Music

Jeremy Parsons is Ready To Burn This House Down

Texas has always been a place where we can count on finding excellent treasures in the pop music lexicon; whether it be from the brooding country cowboys who soundtrack the great American plains or the contemplative folk singers of the abstract Austin scene, and the countless garages where rock n’ roll and even the heaviest