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MARK WINTERS Blows Us Into The ‘Slipstream’

Texas singer/songwriter Mark Winters is an understated, positive, and smooth artist and performer with a unique take on alternative rock and guitar pop. His debut album, Slipstream, comes out today, September 12th, 2019, and is a strong effort filled with melody and nuance. Winters writes songs that are catchy and engaging that will brighten your

MARK WINTERS Is Looking For His ‘Copper Queen’

Singer/songwriter Mark Winters makes extremely well-executed pop/rock music that’s absolutely overflowing with positive vibrations. Hailing from Sugar Land, Texas, Winters’ songs are melodic, meaningful, and built around heartfelt, poetic lyrics that remind listeners of the good things in life. His latest single, “Copper Queen,” is a fine example of how Winters does things and makes