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Milky Chance Is “Living In A Haze”

Approaching us with a vocal that is as crisp as it is lush and filled with a melodic color all too rarely acquired when browsing the mainstream isles of the local record store is none other than Milky Chance’s “Living In A Haze,” a late spring single that has been gaining traction in the underground

“Synchronize” With Milky Chance

Psychedelic music has been making a pretty major comeback in the past few years, with its influence being found in everything from pop to rock and hip-hop, and in their new single “Synchronize,” Milky Chance is putting a clubby spin on the classic aesthetic. There’s a bit of a postmodern angle to the stylization of

Milky Chance Give You “Tainted Love”

The rhythm is familiar, the tones are chilling, and the melody is strangely shadowing every move of the drums like a stalker in the night. “Tainted Love” is one of the more recognizable songs in western pop music, inarguably I would even say, but under the command of experimentalists Milky Chance this season, it sounds