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Monsieur Job Says ‘Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow’

The debut single from the transcontinental flavored outfit Monsieur Job, improbably titled “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow”, is a stunning work of musical imagination penned by band members Bulgarian born Stan Kolev and Columbian native Toby Holguin and featuring the vocal talents of Martin Cintron. The single embraces a distinctly Latin-flavored that’s tempered by clear

Monsieur Job Blends Variety of Genres

Monsieur Job is Toby Holguin from Cali, Colombia, Stan Kolev from Sofia, Bulgaria, Charlie Illera from Barranquilla, Colombia, and Leo Jaramillo from Bogota, Colombia. All of them come from live bands, and for their debut release “Chow Chow Eyyy Pow Pow” they fuse diverse talents by mixing a variation of many styles recreating genres like