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“Lunar Light” By Mikey Ferrari Keeps Us Up All Night

Heartfelt and nostalgic, the latest release from Mikey Ferrari, “Lunar Light” is an indie-pop track about repairing a relationship at any cost. Unlike Ferrari’s first single “moving slow,” his new track is slower and embraces his softer side. Everything from the vocals to the instrumental feels deliberate and smooth, making it an easy listening experience

Mikey Ferrari Is Picking Up Speed With “moving slow”

Low, vibrating synth and a distorted voice immerse listeners into the other worldly soundscape of “moving slow.” On his first release, Mikey Ferrari serves vibrational, echoing vocals paired with lucidly layered sounds. It is a track that feels distinctly foreign, haunting, and futuristic. “moving slow” is an introspective track offering a listening experience that is