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Crows Approach Punk with Silver Tongues in Debut LP

Home to a countless number of legendary musicians both past and present, the United Kingdom has long been an influential frontrunner on the hardcore music scene. The emergence of punk rock in the ‘70s is perhaps one of the most notable genres embraced by the UK. Rapidly becoming a cultural movement of its own, the

Sleigh Bells Cast Shadow with ‘Hyper Dark’

I’ve written about my love for female-fronted rock bands in the past. Brooklyn noise pop duo Sleigh Bells is an established member of this list, featuring the vocals of singer-songwriter Alexis Krauss, whose occupation Wikipedia lists as “Musician, Princess.” Accompanied by guitarist Derek E. Miller, Princess Krauss and Sleigh Bells have released three full-length studio

The Chewers — Noise Rock at its Rawest

The Chewers is not a band for the faint of heart. At their recent show in Nashville, recorded live as the album Live at Exit/In, they dressed up two hard-core fans as giant mouths to dance on stage as they performed. The Chewers, a self-described “off-kilter weirdo-avant-whatever rock duo” from Nashville, screamed to their fans