Emerald Suspension Are Ready For Their ‘Eruptions’

Emerald Suspension

Music truly comes in all forms. The number of different genres today could not possibly be counted. There is a beauty to that because there is a sound for everyone and every mood. Our recent discovery Emerald Suspension takes this to new levels with their unique and unconventional music.

Originally formed back in 2005, the on again-off again Minnesota based band produces an experimental sound that borrows from a wide assortment of genres including electronic, industrial, noise, drone, alt-rock and elements of musique concrete. No sound is off-limits. Emerald Suspension utilizes many different instruments as well. Some recognizable as well as some that are newly created by the band. All are liberally infused with effects. 

Emerald Suspension is set to release a brand new EP on March 4th, 2020. The new 6-song set is titled Eruptions as an ode to the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo of the same name. The first song “Level Ground” sounds innocent enough until the severely warped vocal track comes in letting us know we are about to experience something very different. The punk rock sound underneath paints the experimental picture. 

The title track “Eruption” offers a dark dystopian sound that creates an eerie vibe directly from the speakers to the rest of the room. Grinding carefully along with added exotic sounds. The record sort of turns on its head with “Jaded”. Here we get a pretty female spoken-word piece over a dark background of sound. An ominous tone has arrived.”General Random is another one that goes from ambient calming sounds to an explosion of crashing sounds and voices.

By the time we reach the closer, your mind has been dragged through a chaotic journey. Luckily “Your Eurorack” lets us ease back into reality with a slower feel, even with some explicit lyrics.

Find more exotica on the Emerald Suspension website HERE.

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