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Ranzel X Kendrick Takes Us Up To ‘Hill Country Hip’

Ranzel X Kendrick’s latest release, ‘Hill Country Hip – Best of Rxk’ captures the essence of country music, revived with a refreshing zest. Kendrick’s artistry breathes life into a genre that’s often overlooked in today’s musical mainstream. With each track, Kendrick transports listeners to the heart of country music, infusing every note with authenticity and

Ranzel X Kendrick Lights Up With ‘Foreglow’

One of the best things for an artist to do is get out there and gain experiences. These experiences can be transformed into influences for your songwriting. Our friend Ranzel X Kendrick is a perfect example of this. Life is his muse. Life has been an adventure for Ranzel X Kendrick and he seems to

“Cross My Heart” For Ranzel X Kendrick

Ranzel X Kendrick has spent his life seeking out all that the world has to offer him. Travelling throughout America and overseas, Ranzel has gained newfound knowledge and sounds in each adventure. Now, settled in Costa Rica with his partner Mia, Ranzel is ready to release the third EP in his Legacy Collection. The EP