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Estani Shares With Us “Sometimes I Wish”

There are a couple of different ways that you can go retro in the studio, but to me, the best of them is incorporating concepts of the past with tonal brilliance of the future. This is essentially what Estani seeks to do with her throwback ballad “I Sometimes Wish,” and while it’s certain to evoke

Emmit Fenn’s Prologue is A Great Beginning

All we have is time to kill. I must be dreaming. Got my heart in a chokehold. Music means different things to different people. It can be an outlet. It can be fun. It’s an expression that takes many forms for those who consume it and for those who make it. For 21-year-old Emmit Fenn,

Story Behind The Song With Taylor Grey

Stanford-based singer/songwriter Taylor Grey is breaking barriers and retelling a love story with her latest drop “NEVER WOULDA LETCHA”. This latest release off her anticipated sophomore album plays with the idea of telling someone you care about how you really feel and the stress that comes along with it. In between Grey’s amazing vocals we