Emmit Fenn’s Prologue is A Great Beginning

emmit fenn

All we have is time to kill.

I must be dreaming.

Got my heart in a chokehold.

Music means different things to different people. It can be an outlet. It can be fun. It’s an expression that takes many forms for those who consume it and for those who make it. For 21-year-old Emmit Fenn, producing music as a teen was a solace when his family split up. He has accumulated over 23 million Spotify streams thus far, beginning with his Painting Greys EP in 2015, which peaked at #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart for over a week. The LA-based singer/songwriter and producer’s work is gorgeously cinematic and well-complemented by the audiovisual experience on his website, EmmittFenn.com. The depth from which his music comes is reflected in his diverse collection of tracks.

Oceans” features dreamy vocals from NYLO and its slow build is the perfect post-dinner, pre-drinks/drinks tune. The cool beats of “1995”, melodic “Modern Flame” featuring Yuna, and the popular “Painting Grey” further showcases this up and coming artist’s ability to make music in all realms.

Just as the meaning of music is in the ear of the beholder, the emotions and feelings it evokes are in their heart and soul.

You can feel energized and ready for a run. You can feel the beat, ready to dance. You can feel happy and elated or emotional and heavy. My personal favorite from the EP is “Blinded.”

It is the type of song I would close my eyes to, lay down on the ground and just feel. I would let it go through me—words and melody that needs to be experienced as fully as possible. Whatever music means to you and whatever it makes you feel, it is always an art. And Emmit Fenn is a true artist bravely wearing his heart on his sleeve, or in this case, his EP.

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