Rita $hamrakova Takes Us Places with ‘69770 (In Another Universe)’

Rita $hamrakova

As we mature and evolve, so does our music. Both the music we listen to and the music we create. This evolution leads us to make the music that is not only best for our ears but also for our soul. Our recent discovery Rita $hamrakova has let life lead her to her current sound and new single “69770 (In another Universe).”

The songwriter and producer originally hails from Ukraine. Rita $hamrakova (aka Margarita Shamrakov) came to the United States at the age of 17. Her piano background allowed her to write easy going songs that could dive deep into your heart and connect. Rita would take any opportunity to perform in front of a crowd and fine tune her musical talent. This led her to collaborate and produce as well to get just the sound she wanted onto her recordings. 

In May, Rita $hamrakova released “69770 (In another Universe)” to showcase how far she has come. Immediately the listener gets washed away by a keyboard melody that lifts spirits. As the vocals come in the emotions soar. There is feeling behind every note as the track continues to build. A fine mesh of sounds come together to fill the full sonic atmosphere. The elegant beauty relaxes and soothes. Collaborator Theo is brought in to add his smooth vocal delivery as well. This changes the song up and little but only adds to the overall emotion.

Learn more about Rita $hamakova on her YOUTUBE channel and hear more of her music.

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