Merit Maker is Back With ‘Pick Ups and Put Downs’

Merit Maker’s style is evolving on their new album Pick Ups and Put Downs. The band has taken influence from the varied subgenres of punk music, but on their new project, they shift towards a pop-punk direction. As they take on a new sound and lyrical content, their sound has been refined to something both modern and classic. If you are not familiar with Merit Maker’s music, Pick Ups and Put Downs is an undeniably great new punk album.

Listen To Pick Ups And Put Downs Here

The album opens with the track “Right Here.” Immediately the song hits you with a flurry of drums and guitar. “Right Here” jumps into the high-tempo pop-punk angst, serving as a great first track that will set the tone that runs throughout the album.

Continuing on to “False Starts,” this song is defined by its catchy repeated vocal hook. The guitars feel triumphant, and the drum beat drives energy into the track. The next song “Look Back” doesn’t stray far sonically. This one dives even more towards the nostalgia-tinted sound with reminiscing lyrics. The band leans into all the pop-punk tropes in the best way.

Many of the tracks are driven by the fast-paced punk drum beat that Merit Maker excels at. Songs like “Faster Times” and “Falling Out” are built on the rhythmic foundation of the thundering kick drum. The strong rhythmic center, along with the catchy vocals and guitar that Merit Maker put together on tracks like “Hang Ups” are as equally great of single material as anything you might hear on alternative radio.

“Over And Out” closes off the album. A great summary for all Merit Maker had to offer on Pick Ups And Put Downs. If you are interested in modern punk, or just nostalgic for the old pop-punk style, check out Merit Maker’s new album. Make sure to keep up with the band to see what they have in store for the future.

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