Battle Rough Days With “The Party Song,” By Nick Battle

Nick Battle

Up-and-coming artist Nick Battle has constructed a song literally about the joys of partying. Although the title may seem self-explanatory, “The Party Song” is a must-listen. It’s an upbeat, welcoming, and all-around positive song. Battle introduces us to the song with lyrics “we’re about to have a beautiful time,” and he doesn’t let us down.


Battle is an Atlanta-based songwriter, musician, and dedicated hard-worker. His tunes include a combination of singing, rapping, and chill guitar tunes, all created by him. His message to his audience through “The Party Song” is basically just to celebrate life. Celebrate achievements, celebrate being alive, celebrate having good friends, just celebrate and have a great time and shed all the negativities in your life.

Battle provides words of wisdom for people of all ages: “I should be living my life, because time won’t wait for me.”

Take advantage of the time you have and spend it with people you love and enjoy hanging out with. Battle sings simply: “I’m happy that I made it to the end of the day,” which is a great way to look at life.


Battle doesn’t only inspire through the fun and inviting tune that is “The Party Song,” but also through his recently released EP. Titled “See No Evil,” the EP features “The Party Song” and eight other catchy tracks. Each track has it’s own deeper message from the creative mind of Battle himself. “The Party Song” and accompanying EP are for all walks of life. If your favorite part of a song is the lyrics, Battle provides some thought provoking ones. If your favorite part of a song is the melody and beats, Battle provides some highly memorable ones.


Battle has just begun, but he seems to have already found the cure for anything: throwing a party. Whether it’s a rager, a chill hangout session, or anything in between, Battle knows hanging out with good people will turn your frown upside down.


So, who’s partying tonight?




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