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Spend “More Time” With LJR

LJR is a pop-rock artist from Maryland. His music is a mix of 80’s-style pop beats and alternative rock. LJR strives to empower his audience to live their life to the fullest through his upbeat and care-free lyrics. He’s preparing to release his album When the Sky Began to Fall and is releasing one song

Sinistra Shows us The ‘Art Of Manipulation’

There is no question that the Coid-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on the world. It is a frightening time where many people sunk into depression and just hunkered down trying to survive. Others took the challenge as an opportunity. Using their newfound free time to experiment and start new projects. One such project

Andru Gomez Shares More Of His Prolific Songwriting

Some musicians have the blessing, or some say curse, of having music constantly bouncing around their heads.  Of course, these songs always want to escape.  Unfortunately, they may not always suit the band the artist is currently with.  A prolific writer will have enough material for a full solo career as well.  Our friend Andru