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Pink Elefants Talk About The “Sound Of Violence”

The Maryland based trio Pink Elefants consists of Finch (Brian Flores), Illeven (Joshua Grosscup) and Sammie Forbes (Sammie Cakes). Pink Elefants’ was inspired by the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence in the 1941 Disney animated film Dumbo. And just like the pink elephants, they are always evolving and transforming with their sound, just like the

Dejhare’s New Single Shines On Life “Without You”

Dejhare was a corporate woman who discovered her passion for musical creativity while working in her enclosed office space. Dejhare savors the sounds of R&B, Soft Rock, and World Beat, but her penmanship comes from the edifice of Blues music. After a slew of singles, Dejhare recently released her newest single titled “Without You”. “Without