Pink Elefants Talk About The “Sound Of Violence”

The Maryland based trio Pink Elefants consists of Finch (Brian Flores), Illeven (Joshua Grosscup) and Sammie Forbes (Sammie Cakes). Pink Elefants’ was inspired by the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence in the 1941 Disney animated film Dumbo. And just like the pink elephants, they are always evolving and transforming with their sound, just like the pink elephants scene, as they are known for combining hip hop and alternative rock sound.

The mash up of old school hip hop and alternative rock does perfectly well with their song “Sound of Violence.” The beats and “sound” are very catchy and addictive. I couldn’t stop listening to the track and wouldn’t stop head bobbing because the sound is that good. If you’re into the lo-fi production, and into listening to lo-fi in the background, this song is perfect.

Listen to/watch “Sound of Violence” below

And it blends very well with the lyrics, as the lyrics are short but also very catchy. The lyrics talk about hearing a lot of voices at a time when you only want silence. But the problem with that is even when during silence, the thoughts are still loud. The lyrics “If only i were mindless, I’d keep the voices quiet…” is relatable to the core. 

Speaking on the lyrical inspiration for the song, the band writes, “the observer in the song narrates as if they are in some lavish party in the hills. At first the party seems perfect until you look closely and peel back the layers. As the veneer begins to decay we can all start to see the darkness underneath.” 

“Sound of Violence” gave a perfect addition of alternative with lo-fi production, with storytelling lyrics. It will change the alternative genre with hip hop production and alternative sound.

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