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Star2 Says “Go!”

Too many artists coming up the ladder in hip-hop and R&B are leaning on big basslines when it comes to establishing a groove in a track, but Star2 isn’t among this unfortunate group of his peers. Contrarily, in his latest single with HoodTrophy Bino, “GO!,” he’s putting up a beat that is percussive and based

Star2 Is “Thinkin Bout You”

From the first springy beat forward, it’s pretty clear to listeners that Star2’s “Thinkin Bout You” is going to be one of the more intimate ballads of this young player’s exciting career. There’s just no resisting the casual sway of the percussion and, furthermore, the way that Star2 wraps his every verse into the rhythm.

It’s Cold This “December”

Slow jams can reveal a lot about a player, and it’s hard to argue with this when listening to a track like Star2’s brooding “December.” Despite its wintry title, “December” has a warmth to its main harmonies that is something to marvel at from the get-go, driven by Star2’s surprisingly melodic take on every verse