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Moors And McCumber Are Singing Survival

Moors and McCumber, singer-songwriter James Moors and multi-talented Kort McCumber, have a long history as musicians on their own and as a duo. Both of them were prolific as solo artists, then they bonded at a music festival in 2005, bringing their separate talents together into something new. Moors and McCumber, singer-songwriter James Moors and

The Broken Dream Ballet of WARES

After a few false starts I am finally sitting down to write this feature on Edmonton’s own Wares.  My brother sent me a link to the new LP Survival back in early April, and since then a lot has happened.  In a very true sense, Cassia Hardy’s sonically diverse, punk-spirited, compositionally skillful release has become

The Rah’s ‘Survival’ is a Promising Rock Hit

Well known for their lively performances, the Rah’s are making their way into music with a good ear for traditional rock with an alternative tinge.   Formed in 2011, the five-piece group are heavily inspired by some of the greats, such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. While releasing one EP and a few