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The Broken Dream Ballet of WARES

After a few false starts I am finally sitting down to write this feature on Edmonton’s own Wares.  My brother sent me a link to the new LP Survival back in early April, and since then a lot has happened.  In a very true sense, Cassia Hardy’s sonically diverse, punk-spirited, compositionally skillful release has become

TORONTO MATTRESS DENTS A brief telling of Nasty Mattress

I was running a small contemporary art gallery in Toronto’s Parkdale area, also referred to as “Sparkdale” in the parlance of Toronto-centricity.  It can be described as a historical and colorful west end neighborhood with tree-lined streets and offering a vibrant nightlife.  It is characters such as Michael Dent, one-half of the experimental raunch-wave outfit

CEDAR WOOD AND SYNTHS – Introducing Nehiyawak

Canada is 150 years old this year.  Although I wasn’t alive to experience Confederation first hand, I direct my thoughts to another time – to Expo’67 that took place in Montreal, and the altruistic and porous Canada that would have been projected through various cultural constellations.  I can imagine that part of the perennial conversation