Sorry to go off topic a little today but I always like to share some insight into my real life.  Some days when I try to get a lot of work done I will sit at the desk in my office for hours.  I don’t mind the work but I feel bad for Cobain.  No not Kurt, Cobain is my Siberian Husky.  He is a great dog and will often just lie at my feet, as I work, to keep me company.  But when he gets hungry, he makes sure to let me know.  It amazes me how much this guy eats but I will always get him the best food out there.

Siberian Husky Cobain

Since I was on the computer already I decided to take a look to see if I could just buy food in bulk online instead of having to run to the store every week.  Problem is there are dozens of stores that are willing to sell me food and any other pet supplies I could possibly want.  How to choose?  What I came across next was even better than I thought. is a website that provides just what you would think; discounts, deals, and coupons on pet supplies.  They have some of the best pet stores listed and links to codes and coupons that you would never find on the regular stores website.  Why would anyone pay full price again?  Just use pet coupons!

Of course I went overboard as I usually do and bought a bunch of different foods to try as well as some dog toys for Cobain.  I even ended up buying a bunch of stuff for the fish tank in my office that has been getting neglected.  Sure I spent a lot of money but I saved much more than I would have if I took a trip to the local store, and I didn’t have to get off my butt to do it.

PS. Yes Cobain loves all music too, but he does get more excited for smooth jazz than I ever will.


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