“Tell Me Why” Estani Frizzell Is So Good?

With the advent of online music distribution and content sharing around the globe, there are no true regional scenes of relevance anymore. Everything has become internationalized, for the better, I might add, and it’s influencing a new breed of pop music that knows little of the creative boundaries that once separated jazz from rock, pop from country, and so on. Estani Frizzell is out to make her mark on this developing new world of pop songcraft in her new single “Tell Me Why,” and for my money, hers is the kind of attitude I want to hear more of in this genre. 

Despite the fact that there’s a pinch of reggae, neo-soul, avant-jazz, indie rock, and even a little surreal pop sorted into the mix of melodies you’ll hear in “Tell Me Why,” it collectively represents one of the more focused performances I’ve heard from a truly solo artist in 2022 to date. 

Watch the video for “Tell Me Why” below

Whether it’s Frizzell’s confidence in her material or the fact that she’s undyingly affectionate with the hook in this piece doesn’t matter when she’s hitting the climax here as hard as she can, and considering the reserved sound her contemporaries have favored lately, that makes this quite the daring venture towards a more flamboyant look in pop today. 

“Tell Me Why” is an instant new favorite of mine this season, and while it’s only the first song I’ve heard from Ms. Frizzell since getting introduced to her music not too long ago, it shows off an artistic potential that is really too sharp and well-appointed to be dismissed as a commonality in this exciting new chapter in pop music history. She is carving out her own place in the underground and beyond, and once you hear this single for yourself, I think you’ll understand – and come to appreciate – all of the hype. 

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  2. Carlos

    That’s great!!! Thanks for listening and sharing!!!!

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    A Wow!!