When an artist can fully dive into his music and share his life within the lyrics it is very noticeable.  These artists are able to connect deeply with their fans creating a team of supporters that will help the artist on the journey for success.  A good example is our recent discovery Tha Remedy.

The Hip Hop artist from London puts it all out there.  Tha Remedy reflects a teen living in London and dreaming of something bigger than working class life that society wants for him.  In his lyrics he speaks from personal experiences and the experiences of others who are not able to have a voice.  

The latest release by Tha Remedy is his Tha EP.  The 7 song record welcomes everyone into his world.  The opener “Tha Overthinking Freestyle” starts it off with a somewhat eerie repeating melody and Tha Remedy’s lyrical style that is peppy yet low key.  There is a slight similarity to The Weeknd.  On “What U Saying” the lyrics pop out a little more as he raps and sings about a better life in the future.  The beats will stick with you as they are very catchy.  There are some haunting female vocals on “Red Eyes” creating an atmosphere of dreaminess and relaxation.  


The closer “Holy Holy” is probably the most rocking track of the record with some high paced vocals showing the way that Tha Remedy has with words.  Take a listen to more music at: https://soundcloud.com/tharemedy97 

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