Our Press badge for CMJ 2010

Ok, It’s time to catch our readers up on the CMJ 2010 experience.  It has been a crazy week with no extra time to do anything.  I attended a bunch of great panels and learned of some great new tricks for independent bands.  They will all be shared in the coming weeks as I have time to sit down and transcribe my chicken-scratch notes.  Prepare to learn so many new ideas to get your band to the next level that your head will spin.  But just relax and take it 1 step at a time.  If you put even some of these techniques to use your fanbase will grow.

We also made some great contacts throughout the music business and discovered some great new websites and services that can really help out your band and your career.  I will introduce some great resources to you in upcoming posts.  We also spoke to a lot of bands to get their take on CMJ 2010 as well as their experiences.  They told us ideas that they have used that worked, and some that didn’t.  All bands should share knowledge and help each other out.  We are a community that will be stronger than the sum of our parts.  That was an integral lesson of CMJ.

The other obvious great part of CMJ is all the great music.  I got to see a ton of interesting bands playing at all kinds of venues.  Some great shows, some not so great.  It is always great to see a live performance though of a band you have heard but not seen.  Sometimes the energy of a band will make me love them more (The Drums) but other times seeing a boring stage presence will reduce me to hardly even wanting to listen to a bands music anymore.  The shows were exhausting though after a day of classroom panel learning, and left me no time to write, and barely enough time to sleep these past 5 days.  Time to recuperate but keep on the lookout for great reviews, resources, and introductions over the next few weeks.  Follow us now!

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