Any successful band must always stay ahead of the curve and remain original in their sound.  This can be a challenge but experimenting and feeding off of each other can lead to some amazing things.  One of our favorites in this space is The Danbury Lie.

The Danbury Lie

The band from Connecticut is a tough one to pigeonhole into any particular genre besides maybe experimental folk.  The laid back vocal phrasing has elements of old Modest Mouse with psychedelic stylings slowed down to a mesmerizing pace.  The Danbury Lie is not aiming for mainstream pop success but instead has built a loyal following that is eager for more music from the band.

That music is now here with the release of their latest album Scattered Moments Of Connection.  The 8 track record is an exploratory journey into a sound that makes the listener think and wonder what is truly happening.  The lead single is the opener “The One”.  The dark vibe it projects sets a tone for the album that this is not your ordinary full-length.  Interesting noise seems to creep out from every corner while the vocals seep into your soul.  The more alt-rock opening taste of “Caucasian Cancer” turns just as dark with monotone vocals and spacey guitars pushing the envelope.  The choppy feel of “Dance With Me” will have your head bobbing to the beat and focusing on the dreary storytelling lyrics.  Strangeley tuned guitars lead the way on the closer “Unclothed”.  It is a fitting experimental end to what is a full ride of a listen.  If you are up for an experimental adventure give it a listen at:

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