An important part of being an independent musician is having the freedom to do things on your own terms without the pressure of a major, or even small, label dictating your direction.  It is good to hear from our friends at Better Daze Records again in the new year continuing their mission of “Music For The Sake Of Music”.

The songwriting duo of Paul Barrere and Roger Cole have started the year on a strong note by pushing forward to work even harder to put out their own great music.  The result is the release of their latest song and video “Mary”.  It is a very pretty song that does not try to do too much but lets the listener follow the mellow melody.  The chorus is a thought-provoking beautiful piece that really hits the heart.  The pair plays off each other so well that it almost seems as if they are a single songwriter.  Bottom line “Mary” a well written and beautiful song that I can listen to on repeat.  Enjoy it for yourself here:

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