The Dunwells Want You to ‘Colour My Mind’


Since the release of their debut album Blind Sighted Faith in 2013, The Dunwells have been a relentless music machine. They have gained a reputation as a hard-working band which have continued to grow over the years. It has seen them perform extensively across the UK and US to great reviews. Not only have they completed numerous headlining tours but they have also performed at some of the biggest festivals including Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Fest. They have even made an appearance on Late Night With Jay Leno.

Somehow during their busy touring schedule, they have been able to release the EPs Show Me Emotion, Lucky Ones and their impressive follow-up album Light Up the Sky. However, The Dunwells are not planning to lose any momentum as they have returned with their latest offering Colour My Mind.

Over the last few releases, this band has not been afraid to evolve their sound from the early days of their folk-pop foundations. The new EP is no exception as brothers Joseph and David Dunwell have steered their music to something that could be described as Indie Pop. It really doesn’t matter what they create, this band delivers.

Their musical landscape may change but their impressive vocal presence has been a constant. As soon as you press play and the title track begins, you are instantly welcomed by some wonderful vocals. This is a band that blends together to deliver some stunning harmonies that a lot of bands out there could learn from. Listen to “Diamonds” to hear how good this band shares their vocals.


Great Vocals and Impressive Songwriting — The Dunwells Have it All

This EP is all about quality over quantity and it also offers a good mix of sounds. From the songs on offer “Paradise” stands out as it shows off Joe’s lead vocals in this acoustic driven track. He sings with a delicate tone that packs a punch during the hook. The biggest highlight is “Fire Down”. Featuring a cool soulful vibe with matching vocals, this one has a different feel to what they have created in the past. It has a good mix of laid-back soulful moments and attitude which together creates something special.

Colour My Mind is yet another confirmation of a band who have a gift when it comes to songwriting. To listen to this release as well as their previous offerings then visit From here you can also find information about upcoming shows.

Alternatively, you can find them on the usual social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a band that appreciate their fans and enjoy hearing from them, so go and say hello.