The Dunwells ask the question ‘Tell me what you Want’ with their new album

The Dunwells

For over a decade, The Dunwells have been doing what they love, creating and performing their music. Over that time, they have released the three albums and a handful of EPs. These releases have included so many exceptional tracks, including “So Beautiful”, “Lucky Ones”, and “Something in The Water”. All their songs have a common trait of featuring outstanding vocals, powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. All blended with a range of soundtracks from indie-folk to Americana with pop elements. As well as releasing music, they love performing live. This passion has seen them perform across the UK, Europe, and many shows in the US. 

Over the last two years, brothers Joe and Dave Dunwell have been busy crafting their fourth studio album ‘Tell me what you Want‘. They have written and produced all of the tracks from their studio. The duo have described this new collection of songs as the “most creative, inspired and personal work to date, reflecting a wide range of musical and lyrical influences”. As much as they have pushed their sound, they still feature their captivating vocal presence (both with solo and harmonies). They say it is their “most honest and personal album to date, lyrically laying it out bare, for all to hear”.

The Dunwells have chosen “This Is Love” to open up ‘Tell me what you Want‘. It is an excellent choice as its infectious energy grabs the listener’s attention as it begins. As the title suggests, it’s a moment about being in love. They talk about how it makes you feel, as reflected in the opening lines, “Have you ever kissed somebody that you thought you never could / stayed up all night long just to see the sun rising”. The positive atmosphere of the song makes you smile. You can’t help but sing along to the repeated hook, “This is Love Love Love Love Love”. It is a standout track that highlights their sublime vocal and lyrical talents. Next comes “Temptation”, which is overshadowed by what came before it. It offers a softer and more emotional mood that highlights their captivating sound. 

“Daydreamer” offers an optimistic vibe, both lyrically and musically. The verses give examples about focusing on the bright side of life. As showcased in the standout lines, “I can see kid you are still courageous / Cutting out the bad bits, making all the pegs fit / In your own way”. Yet again, they showcase their gift of creating catchy singalong hooks. As for the soundtrack, the use of the keys and clapping effect help to give this moment a sunnier tone. It all comes together to create another must-hear moment from the album. The atmosphere changes for “See You Soon” as they slow things down to deliver another emotion-filled song.

Coming out swinging is “Tell Me What You Want”. Its punchy anthemic mood is hard to resist. Especially as the brothers share the hook with lines such as, “Where’d you want to go, tell me / What you want to do, tell me /Anything you want, tell me it’s yours”. Compared to those prior, “Battle Scars” feels more stripped back. But, in exchange is gives one of the best vocal performances on the album. Either solo or with the harmonies, every word shared has so much emotion. It gets even better as the song prepares to close. The power in the delivery of “Oh, I love you” and “But you keep letting me down” is outstanding. 

There is a low key vibe to “Can’t Get Enough” with its gentle vocals and sound. However, this is a dark horse of a track that stays with you long after the album is over. The tempo moves back up with “Heart Electric”, which delivers another infectious chorus. An acoustic guitar welcomes you into “Gold”. Soon, the story begins with, “I see gold, staring into a lightning storm / I’ve been told no ones made a promise like this before”. As the soundtrack continues, it has a chilled feel that steps up to help share the hook. But, the star of this song is the vocals. Again, both individually or with the harmonies, they never disappoint.

The Dunwells have used their time wisely when assembling their new album ‘Tell me what you Want’. As the end result is not only a flawless collection of songs, but it is also their best work to date.

“Best Days” delivers a simple message about the best days are with that special someone. Supporting the story are more gentle guitars that let the vocals take the spotlight. They are used to paint various moments to reflect the message. But, it is perfectly said during the lines, “If I had to choose / The best days in my life / Are the ones I get to spend with you”. The duo increase the tempo for the anthemic “Summertime”. The arrangement creates a sunnier vibe that hits home during the hook. It is one of those songs that makes you smile from beginning to end.  

Bringing the album to a close comes “How Will They Remember”. Yet again, the delivery of their story will impress. Not only that, but when the chorus arrives, you find yourself singing along to, “Oh, oh, oh, tell me when we’re gone / How will they remember us? / They will say we lived a life full of love”. They really have mastered the art of creating an infectious hook. As it comes to its finale, it wraps up another excellent release by The Dunwells. It is clear to hear why they are proud of ‘Tell me what you Want‘. Personally, it is their best collection of songs to date, and it more than deserves the praise it will receive.

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